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CKM do everything you would expect from a reputable wholesaler such as great creative, commercial and affordable design. CKM manufacture ladies jersey wear, wovens, denims, knitwear and accessories which is produced in the far east.

We provide you with our styles and your own styles at a fast and efficient turn around time. Furthermore, we work with you to develop own range brands, providing assistance with fabrication, styling, labeling, packaging, delivery and price points.

What makes CKM stand out from the rest is that we supply winners, winners and after that we supply some more winners. Why are we so sure we supply such good product? It is tried and tested. We have our own shops which test all our styles for their selling power. Once we know it sells, you know it sells; the proof is in the pudding.

In the past year we have expanded from our homeland Australia to Europe with plans to open in the US next year. We are steadily increasing our customer profile both in Australia and abroad.



As a reputable company, we have a long-term commitment to the many people we touch - our employees, our customers and consumers, the workers who make our product and their communities, the suppliers who partner with us, as well as the global community. We recognise that these people and their representatives are our biggest asset and our partners.


Our core values relating to any of our activities are integrity, dialogue, transparency, excellence and innovation.


Through our programme, we intend to have a positive impact on the people we touch through our operations. We encourage open discussions with any organisation wanting to improve our current working conditions and conditions within the communities we work in. Our programme will focus our attitudes, procedures and practices on the issues that are important to our stakeholders.


We have long-term relationships with our suppliers. We work with them to make lasting improvements to working, social and environmental conditions. Our programme is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core labour standards and other relevant guidance, good practice and regulations.

Our programme deals with issues important to our stakeholders, such as working conditions, livelihoods of the people who make our products, community involvement and the reduction of the environmental impact resulting from the manufacture, distribution and sale of our products.

When we deal with any issues raised by our stakeholders, we aim to keep them involved. We will continually improve our programme by seeking feedback and input from our suppliers and stakeholders.


Our programme is continuous with key focus areas and performance targets for each coming year. At the end of each year, we will evaluate and report on our progress and determine the focus to make a difference in the following year.